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Follow through, make your dreams come true.
Don't give up the fight, you will be alright.
    11th-Oct-2009 11:20 pm - Forge Contact - Voicemail
    Happy - Pleased
    [There's a click, small and minor, and a muttered little sound.] Is this thing on? Hello? Oh!

    Hey, I can't come to the kinda-sorta-phone-thingie, so leave your message after the tone. You know how it works by now, right? Hear from you soon.


    [And yes, yes that was Zack saying "beep" before the Forge turned off with the same 'click' it turned on with.]
    6th-Oct-2009 06:17 pm - If you are a member of Jigoku...
    Happy - Pleased
    Please remove this journal.

    It is being recycled.

    Thank you!
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